How to Upload Photos

How To Upload Your Photos to Us.... 

Simply click on the "Upload File" in the available 
options area on the product listing page this will display a browser to view the files on your computer's hard drive, floppy drive or digital camera. Select the image file you wish to upload and click OK. Now just click the "Add to Cart" button for the product you desire, and your photo will automatically be uploaded to our production servers and electronically attached to your order.

Please note the following:

On keyring images must be simple images not complex images still with the required settings bellow, if you are unsure if the image is suitable please use the contact us page and use the upload option there to discuss it further. 

On Photo Albums and Larger Items Images are easier to reproduce but settings still need to be high on the images supplied. If you are unsure you can contact us and show us the image prior to placing the order so we can check it.

Settings Required:

We accept images with the following extensions: .jpg and .gif (GIF images will not reproduce as well as other formats because of colour compression.) 

Files must be 2MB or smaller. The upload time will depend on the file size and your Internet connection speed. Please be patient when uploading a large image. 

Please try to use the best-quality image possible and preferable with a plain background that's a different colour that is not cluttered with details in it. The recommended settings are 2000 pixels and 300 dpi. If your image is below the minimum resolution/size requirements, do not simply increase the size in your editing software. You must either re-scan the image or use a higher-quality image. 
When scanning in photographs, please use a resolution of 300 dpi or more. When taking digital images, set your camera at the highest possible resolution. You can always reduce the resolution later. Low-resolution images cannot be increased without loss of image quality. 
Your image will be reproduced as it appears. In some cases, we may crop the image for size, to fit the product you order. Close-ups and images with bright colours will produce the best results.

Please see example of a good and bad high resolution image below.

To check your image zoom in to the subject and if the detail is clear and not pixelated then a laser engravable image should be achievable.

Also the plainer the background the better or even an out of focus background is good as long as the subject is in focus.

(We reserve the right to refuse reproduction of submitted photos at our discretion should they be licensed, copyrighted, or deemed inappropriate for language, content or material or the quality of the image is not suitable.)